Outsourcing & Out Staffing


Whether it is a small or medium-sized company that you own, to focus on core competencies, develop a professional growth plan and maintain cut-costs solutions for improvement and functionality efficiency aren’t always the hassle-free tasks. No wonder that outsourcing has become a popular service in various business fields. First of all, because having no indoor team of specialists of the required sphere lowers the outcome quality of the services a company provides. Second, because hiring an outsource team allows the company to focus on its own issues and still get done what is needed, usually, with a reduced cost. To say it simple, outsourcing gives away any of your business tasks/issues that can easily be solved by an independent entity, making it much easier for business owners and their team. Whether you want to improve the quality of your services, having a need of professional assistance in particular sphere, want to cut down the expenses on hiring indoor team or concentrate on growing your business – the services of outsourcing will come in handy.

Why Our Services

  • We help with an inbound customer service
  • We make sure you get the highest quality of Web design & development
  • We provide greatest solutions for SEO and online marketing, back office and admin support
  • We develop top ideas for accounting and HR management, marketing and sales departments
  • We involve our experience and knowledge giving you a hand
  • We operate with affordable and flexible pricing system

Out Staffing

Hiring back office specialists can increase the total budget of the project up to 60%. This often becomes an issue for small or medium-sized companies, especially if they are just on the beginning of the road. For example, why would a company that works with wood hire a specialist who is an expert in web-development or application maintenance? Why would a company, which specializes in confectionery, hire an advertising indoor team? The out staffing services allow solving such cases without major expenses and without a time-loss. At devmodeltd.com, we generate teams of experts of various fields to satisfy your needs and finish your business tasks. It doesn’t take long after you come to our pavement and ask for help. As we know the importance of fast solutions development, we give you an expertly nailed solution within the shortest possible. Bring your company to the next level working with us.

Why Our Services

  • We maintain custom solutions to fulfill your needs
  • We create a dedicated team with necessary skills
  • We control that the process meets your requirements
  • We involve best specialist with an extensive working background
  • We provide transparent and flexible pricing system
  • We give you management and payroll freedom